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Getting through Heroine withdrawal with relapsing

I have went through heroine withdrawal countless times. It is never what I would call pleasant. However you only have to go through it once.

Once heroin use is stopped the addict will begin experiencing heroine withdrawal. This can begin sometime between 3 and 5 hours after your last dose of heroin.

This can very somewhat depending on the amount and how long you have actually been using heroin.

Here is a list of things you can expect to happen with your heroin withdrawal.

1. vomiting


3. Involuntary muscle movements

4. Cramps

5. Goose pimples

6. Restlessness

7. Inability to sleep.

If you are thinking about kicking heroin then you do have a few options. First of all if you choose to kick heroin medical supervision is not really necessary for heroine withdrawal.

You can stop using heroin in the privacy of your own home with little discomfort from heroine withdrawl.

If you decide to go this route you can either quit using heroin cold turkey or you can ask your physician to give you a prescription for suboxone.

Suboxone works very well for heroin withdrawal if you choose to do the suboxone detox you should not even be sick.

I have personally stopped using heroin with suboxone on more than one occasion. I can tell you it was a walk in the park compared to going cold turkey and

I have to advise you that suboxone is expensive and for this reason it will not be for everyone. I don't think as of yet insurance will cover the prescription.

Now there is another alternative and that is methadone detox. I have used this method several times also.

One way is to go to a methadone clinic daily for your dose of methadone. This gets to be a pain in the a.. after a while but it is a very comfortable way to use for heroin withdrawal.

The clinic I went to offered take homes if you remained clean for 3o days. Let me also tell you that getting off of methadone is just as tough as getting of of heroin and the withdrawl is just as bad.

The only way I was able to kick methadone after being on it for three years was to go to jail and you don't want to do that. I was sicker than a dog and they gave me nothing.

Lastly you can go to heroin Addiction treatment and this is probably by far the best way of all to go. I have personally used this method and it is relatively painless. They will most likely use subutex and then taper you down to suboxone for your heroin withdrawal.

This is a great way to go. What are you waiting for to get clean you must take action. Why not take action today?


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