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Codeine overdose is a possibility for those who abuse opiate drugs

A codeine overdose can happen easily. Most people who receive prescription painkillers know that they need to follow the directions on the container exactly. Failing to follow them can have dire consequences.

Opioid and prescription painkiller addiction and abuse can have long-term effects, but these long-term effects are different from the symptoms of an overdose. Victims of an overdose of codeine will suffer from shallow breath, rapid heart rate and unconsciousness.

What should someone do if he encounters an overdose? If he can recognize the early warning sings, he should call a hospital. If someone comes upon a person who is unconscious, he should treat the individual for shock and call the local poison control center immediately.

The hospital should send out an ambulance quickly. Most poison control centers will not tell a person with no medical training to take any course of action. The victim must be monitored by a medical professional until the poison clears his system.

How to get help for codeine addiction  

If you need help in finding recovery from an addiction to codeine then you might want to go to rehab.  There you can get started on a new life in recovery and of course your success in staying clean and sober will be entirely up to you.  Drug rehab can give you the opportunity that you need to start a new life, but they cannot do the actual work for you.  Going to rehab makes it pretty easy to get a few weeks clean.

After you leave, however, the real work of staying clean actually starts and you are faced with the challenge of not using drugs while still having your freedom to do so if you choose.

How you can get through hydrocdone withdrawal

There is no magic bullet when it comes to recovery and drug rehab is merely one path that might help you on your way it can also help you to get trough a withdrawal from hydrocodone.  If you leave rehab only to end up relapsing the next day or the next week or the next month, then this does not really serve you and is a pretty bit waste of time and money.

In order to get the true benefits of recovery you are going to want to stay clean for a considerable period of time and that means that you need to put in some serious work.  Unfortunately it takes a great deal of effort to stay clean, especially in the beginning, but that effort will pay off in a big way if you stick it out in your recovery.

For every year that you stay clean and sober you will save yourself several thousand dollars and several years of life span.  If you really stop and consider these benefits then it is really astounding.

In addition to your life and your money, you will also significantly alter the quality of your life and greatly change the amount of stress and emotional problems that you will have to deal with.  The benefits of sobriety are absolutely enormous and you have to live it in order to really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, most addicts will not put forth the effort needed to recover.  They might string together a few weeks of sobriety but then they will get lazy and slowly revert back to their old ways.  The only way to prevent this is by taking massive action over a sustained period of time.  That means putting forth a tremendous effort after leaving drug rehab and continuing to grow as a person long after you leave rehab.  Not easy but definitely worth it.

Good luck


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