How to stop taking vicodin

How to stop taking vicodin and overcome vicodin addiction

Let me just start with that vicodin gets prescribed very easily and more often than is really necessary. I am an addict so if I am in pain and the doctor prescribes me vicodin I will not accept the prescription and use Ibuprofen and Tylenol switching them up every so often. This seems to work just fine.

Depending on where the pain is located one can use a rub or cream such as Ben Gay or Icy hot. There are even pain patches available. One thing to keep in mind is that pain medications only dull the pain.

If you are being treated for chronic pain you will start to build up a tolerance to the drug and have to take more and more to get the same results that you got when you first began taking it.

This may or may not happen if taken as prescribed but one thing is sure that if you start to abuse vicodin to get high you are going to lose the battle because after a while they will no longer get you high. If you suddenly stop taking them you are going to go through hydrocodone withdrawal.

If you are using vicodin to help ease the pain and it no longer does so then do you think that the answer is to keep taking higher does? If this is what you are doing you should seek other alternatives to relieve the pain because you will inevitably end up with a vicodin addiction.

In any case if you want to stop using vicodin you may wish to try or rehab. If you go to an opiate addiction rehab you will not have to be concerned about the pain of withdrawal because you will be given medications to ease the pain. This kind of vicodin detox take around five days.

I have gone to long term treatment and it helped me to learn how to live a life without the use of drugs and I also learned how to stop using vicodin. If you want to quit using vicodin you must take action if you want to recover. For more information please visit vicodin addiction.

The sooner you stop using the better off you will be and would it not be nice to start enjoying vicodin addiction recovery?

Good luck


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