How you can Stop shooting heroin

It seems to me where I came from I did not know a lot of people who snorted heroin. The people who I hung out with shot heroin and a lot of them were street people to me snorting heroin was just a waste. This started in the 70’s. I think I got my first heroin habit or in other words heroin addiction by shooting heroin.

I would not wish shooting heroin on my worst enemy. It is a low down dirty life. I have seen pretty near everything in my using days. I have seen heroin addicts o d and get there pockets cleaned as a matter a fact what goes around comes around holds true here too because I got clipped a couple times when I fell out.

One time I overdosed from shooting heroin and came to in the hospital with tubes in me all over the place. I asked the nurse if I could speak to the Dr. and when I finally did get to see him I asked if I could go home he said why do you have some more heroin there? I told him no but I was lying because I did. I am telling you this part for the reason which is to let others know just how far addiction will take you.

I mean here I was I almost died from a heroin overdose and as soon as I was able to speak I was thinking about how I could get high again, now that is insanity at its best there was no way I could stop shooting heroin.
The best thing you can do if you want to learn how to stop shooting heroin is to make an appointment to go to heroin treatment. There are also other things you can do to get clean and stop shooting heroin one of which works great is heroin detox. I have done both of these methods to get clean. Give yourself a break and get clean yourself you will no longer have to worry about running out what a relief that is.

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