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Snorting vicodin is a new way to become addicted to drugs

I really don’t understand dope fiends now days back in the day we were real drug addicts the reason I say this is I have been seeing a lot of news about snorting vicodin. Now this just sounds plain crazy to me but then again it will get you high and I did do some crazy stuff when it came to getting high so I guess I can’t rag on people who are snorting vicodin too much but I just had to do it.

Ok here is the scoop any drug that is snorted will reach your brain faster therefore it does work but there are a couple of drawbacks of snorting vicodin. One of which is your high will not last as long and the other is that it has to have be a God awful drain. I have read that it may also cause lung problems and if you do not know it using vicodin to excess will in fact cause liver damage due the amount of acetaminophen when taking higher doses. It will also lead to vicodin addiction.

If you happen to be someone who is doing this I would suggest that you get help to stop using vicodin you may want to go to vicodin addiction treatment. There you can be detoxed from vicodin and go to residential treatment. I have gone to treatment myself many times and it does work but it will take action on your part if you want to recover from vicodin addiction.

I had never heard of snorting this drug until a fried told me about it. I am from the old school and we did not waste are time on things like this but I guess now days anything goes and there are people out there that need help to stop this so therefore this is my goal. If you have a problem using vicodin in this manner treat it just like you would any other opiate addiction and seek help.

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