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How to beat loritab addiction using the taper method

If you are looking to quit using drugs in the near future you may be in the right place. This site is for people who want to recover from drug addiction. With that being said I am going to give you a couple of suggestions on how to loritab addiction.

Hdrocodone which is what Loritab is made from is a synthetic opiate that is made from codeine and thebaine. It is taken orally and is used for the relief of moderate to severe pain. Hydrocodone was invented in Germany in the early 1920’s. It is very addicting.

How to stop using loritab

One way to kick lortab is what I call the taper method. It is very hard to do because you are attempting to do this with the drugs you are addicted too. It would be a lot easier to go to hydrocodone treatment. Anyway here is how to go about it. lets say that hypothetically you are taking 20 loritab a day what I would do is the next day take 19 of them and so on until you are down to zip.

Another way to quit using loritab is to go to hydrocodone treatment. This will be a lot easier and you will not suffer much from loritab withdrawal. The reason I say this is because you will be looked after by a team of professionals and they will make you as comfortable as possible. They will give you medications to help ease the pain of withdrawal. This is a great way to quit using loritab and it will take no more than 5 days. I recommend that upon completion that you attend residential treatment. This is to give you much needed information on how to stay clean when you leave rehab.


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