Dilaudid addiction detox doesn't have to be painful

Dilaudid addiction detox doesn't have to be painful

If you are unlucky enough to have to deal with dilaudid addiction hydromorphone, then you want to read this information. There is hope for those wanting to get off of Dilaudid. You just have to be informed about what is out there to help. Addiction can be one of the hardest things in life to overcome, but it can be done. You do not have to go through an extremely grueling process of pain either. Nature has given you what you need to overcome dilaudid, and become the human being you used to be.

After a number of years battling opiate addiction, I felt it would be a lifelong battle. It wasn't until two years ago, when I found a herb called "Kratom" at my local herb store. The store carried a lot of plants and medicines that claimed to help with certain problems like anxiety sleep disorder, etc. When I asked the clerk what this Kratom stuff was, he told me to read up on it and come back if I wanted to try it. So, I took his advice and found that this plant was used for centuries for opiate addition. I figured that it was a gimmicky marketing ploy for desperate individuals in need of relief. What I found was far from that.

How to to overcome dilaudid

After picking up a small bag of crushed Kratom leaf, I followed some instructions I read online on how to use it. Some people make a tea from the plant matter, but I found it easier and more effective to simply wash down with fruit juice. It was kind of hard to get down, and I wondered if it would be worth it at all. About an hour later, I started to feel really energized. And, my dilaudid withdrawal symptoms seemed nonexistent. I was absolutely taken back from what I was feeling. This was a pure and very emphatic experience which I wished that I had known about years ago.

Now for two years straight, I've been completely clean from the hold of dilaudid addiction. Not only did Kratom knock out my withdrawals, it has kept me on the right path in life. Any time that I feel the urge to slip in to my old ways, I just order some powdered Kratom leaf. Free yourself too!

                                            4 mg dilaudid

One way that I have tried for opiate detox and I know that it works is to attend the 12 step meetings of Narcotics Anonymous. NA meetings can be found around the world. Who would have though that this program would have become world wide? Anyway I would recommend attending meetings daily and if you are just getting clean I suggest that you attend a minimum of 90 meetings in 90 days. This will help keep your mind off of using heroin and your heroin detox. I would suggest that while attending these meetings that you get several phone numbers and use them whether you feel like calling someone or not. It is good practice to call other members and get in the habit so that when they day comes that you want to use you will not have a problem calling someone in the fellowship for help.

 I also suggest that you get a sponsor look for the person whose story you may have related to or it could be someone you that you want what they have my suggestion is to ask them if they will sponsor you. Do not get discourage if they say no. They may already have enough people to deal will. Just ask someone else.


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