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Do I need hydrocodone treatment

With prescription drug abuse becoming a bigger problem than alcoholism, there is a growing number of people in need of drug treatment. Hydrocodone is a powerful prescription painkiller, best known in the diluted form of Vicodin. It is the most widely prescribed opiate drug that can be found  in the United States, making it the most frequently abused medication, as well as easy for addicts to obtain on the streets too. Hydrocodone addiction treatment generally results from its extended use in order to manage pain, but used accordingly for short amounts of time, the drug is not dangerous.

When the user feels such a strong need to continue taking the pills that they start faking injuries or buying them off the street, it is a symptom of addiction, and maybe hydrocodone treatment should be sought immediately. If abused, this drug can have lethal side effects. Hydrocodone overdose can be fatal, especially when mixed with Acetaminophen.

Many painkillers made from Hydrocodone are sold in weaker forms, which is commonly done by combining it with Acetaminophen. Addiction can lead to accidental overdose, so it is incredibly important to seek help for the person experiencing addiction symptoms.

In order to recover from opiate addiction, the drug needs to be flushed from the body with opiate detox. This is most effectively done by completely cutting off use, allowing the body's natural cleansing process to remove it. Unfortunately, detoxing presents painful and uncomfortable symptoms, such as chills, stomach and digestive problems, tremors, excessive sweating, and anxiety. This process can last up to five days, sometimes more if the extent of the abuse is severe at this point the person could use some help maybe even drug rehab is an option here.

If the person is ready to take action to stop using hydrocodone. Treatment centers can help ease the discomfort of detoxing with non-addictive medication. Ultra rapid detox is a newer method of treatment, where the drug is flushed from the body in just a few hours while the user is unconscious. This is expensive, however, and still working through early stage glitches.

Detoxing in a hydrocodone addiction treatment center is the easiest, most effective way. After getting clean, it is important to make the appropriate lifestyle changes to lower the chances of a relapse. If managing pain is still an issue, speak with a doctor to find different methods of treatment. If the use was recreational, it is going to take a lot of self control and outside support.
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