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Heroin rehab is the first step to heroin detox

In today world lots of people need Heroin Addiction Rehab. Heroin is a very highly addictive drug, it is processed from morphine. The name used on the streets is called smack, H, skag, and junk. Heroin is the most abused opiate out of all drugs. The form street heroin is cut with poisons, brown sugar, lactose, quinine, kool-aid and strychnine. With this being cut with unknown chemicals the users are at high risk of overdose or death. This is just few of the many reasons a person must quit using heroin and go through a heroin detox.

 While using Heroin it becomes an even bigger problem because of the transmission of HIV that comes from sharing needles. Heroin is usually injected, snorted or smoked the peak effect are usually 10-15 minutes. Long term use of heroin causes addiction, infectious diseases, hepatitis B and C, collapsed veins, bacterial infection, abscess, and arthritis.

There are a variety of treatments available for this addiction. One example is Detoxification which is used to relieve the withdrawal symptoms when the person is getting used to the drug free state they were in. Another example is the methadone program treatment where this medication is only taken orally and it’s used to suppress the narcotic withdrawal for 24-36 hrs if properly prescribed for heroin detoxification.

Methadone cuts the craving from the heroin. This treatment for heroin detox is only taken once a day. Then there is a drug rehab, this is for anyone using the drug and is unable to stop, because it could cause harm to themselves or family. A rehab facility has a high rate of success when it comes to treating patience and keeping them clean. Now as far as the methadone program goes one needs to keep in mind that it is just as addicting as heroin therefore it can lead to methadone addiction so if it is used to long getting off of it may be difficulty suggestion is to try to stop using heroin without the use of methadone. This can be done in rehab where you will be detoxed from heroin medically they normally use prescription medications such as suboxone and subutex because this is much easier to come off from.


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