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Rapid heroin detox for serious hard core addicts

Rapid heroin detox

It seems that rapid heroin detox is gaining a lot of notoriety. Heroin is a very difficult drug to conquer. With the ever increasing numbers of heroin addiction around the word rapid detox is beginning to be the preferred choice for some heroin addicts.

While this type of detox for the most part relatively new and very questionable form of rapid heroin detox it is not for your everyday heroin addict because it is very expensive; in fact, for a one day opiate detox the price will range somewhere between  $15.000- $20.000.

With this being said it comes right down to whether you can afford this hefty price and if you think are ready to stop using heroin. If you are not really convicted to this then you may not want to go through with this type of rapid heroin detox. It would be a waste of time and a lot of money to get detoxed and then use again soon after. This program does not offer residential treatment after your rapid detox so you will have to come up with your own plan on how you intend to stay clean when you leave detox.

Now if you are convinced that this is the right choice for you then here is what to expect when you arrive at the rapid heroin detox facility. A well trained medical staff will perform this procedure starting with giving you anesthesia. Once under you will basically be asleep while other prescription medications are given to remove the opiates from your body thus performing a complete detoxification. This normally takes several hours.

Some people who have went through this procedure swear by it while others say that it is lacking and they were still in withdrawal when they came too. One needs to also keep in mind that this procedure is rather new and there have been reports of death during rapid heroin detox from the patient being under for to long.

It comes down to a personal choice here but whatever your choice for heroin detox is do not delay heroin addicts are dying like fly’s out there from heroin overdose. Take action now and quit heroin.

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