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How to do a sucessful Home detox

How to do a sucessful Home detox

It seems lately the hot search topic home detox. Today I am going to share with you some of the most popular ways of how to do a home detox. I will be talking a little about opiate detox; and for instance how a person can get through this type of drug detox.

For those of you interested in a home detox from alcohol or other popular prescription medications. I have to recommend that you seek medical help for this because from some of these drugs can be fatal. Alcohol withdrawal especially dangerous is can cause seizures.

There are in fact a couple ways one can stop using prescription medications at home. One way is to simply cut back on the amount of medication you are taking each day; for example, if you are taking 10 tablets a day try cutting back your dose by one each day this should prevent any serious withdrawal symptoms from occurring.

How to detox at home

Another way how to detox at home is called the cold turkey method but the cold turkey home detox. This type of detox has to be the least desirable way of all of how to detox. One will have to face terrible the terrible withdrawal symptoms, like insomnia, cramps, headaches, diarrhea, and a few more.

This will be more than likely the way people will have to stop using drugs if they can not afford to go to rehab. It is very hard to make it this way because most people will give up before they are half way through because of the pain of withdrawal. What generally happens is when they can no longer take it they give up and relapse.
It can be done though so do not let me scare you off as a mater of fact in the past I have used this method to detox at home several times with success but I did relapse because I did not have a sound recovery program in place.

Now if you can not make it with the home detox then I would suggest that you go to rehab.
Going to a drug rehab is probably the best solution for most addicts because they can get help with medical help with there withdrawal. If you go you will be given medications to help ease the pain of your withdrawals.

In rehab you will be made as comfortable as possible considering the circumstances. My thoughts on this is that you will have the support of staff members as well as your peers, plus you will attend lectures, go to 12 step meetings, and have individual drug counseling.

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