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How to succeed in stopping substance abuse in long term drug rehab

Long term drug rehab

If you are struggling with addiction long term drug rehab may be the solution and you may have come to the right place to find out about how to stop using. For those of you who have been to rehab more than once I am going to suggest that you try something new and trust me it works. What a lot of us new about living you could pretty much put in a nutshell. I mean we were so focused on the getting and finding of drugs that we forgot how to live. So if you really want to learn how to stop using drugs and alcohol then my suggestion to you is that you go to long term drug rehab.

A lot of us started using at a very young age and have never really matured. I have heard it said we are as old emotionally as when we started using. I can agree with this to a point I know at times I act like a 13 year old but I have learned to not act out so to speak. This is a process and it can start for you when you stop using drugs in long term drug rehab Just look at your going to the other rehabs as a learning experience. I mean we pick up things as we go so learning to stop using drugs is an on going process. It is a day to day thing for heroin addicts matter a fact it is one day at a time for all drugs.

 Overcome addiction long term drug rehab

I went to long term rehab and stayed the full 2 years and it is a probably one of the best ways to get heroin addiction treatment. If you go there are rules that must be followed the one I went to if you used drugs or alcohol you were kicked out no second chances. This was good because it gave those of us who did not choose to use a safe environment to live in. We were also required to attend 90 meetings in 90 days, work or attend school, group therapy twice a week, and individual addiction therapy.

How to succeed long term drug rehab

If you choose to work you would have to pay part of your income to the drug rehab and if you went to school you could do cjavascript:void community service. I chose to go to school. It was difficult at first and I felt very uncomfortable. I was much older than the other students so I felt way out of place. I faced this fear and when I got good grades this gave me the courage to continue with my education. This decision basically changed my life.

I am still attending school now and am getting very close to getting my bachelors degree in Social Work. This will allow me to help other addicts and get paid for doing what I enjoy. I am just saying here that once we get clean we can basically follow are dreams. Lost dreams do awaken if we stay clean long enough. Long term treatment will change your life if you really want to stop using drugs!

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