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The Long Road to Meth Addiction Recovery

The Long Road to Meth Addiction Recovery

Meth addiction recovery has a better prognosis the earlier addiction issues are addressed and treatment begins. There are many long and short term affects as a result of chronic abuse and a strong possibility of structural and functional changes within the brain. An increased risk of stroke being an irreversible effect is also expected. Some brain changes may remain for as long as two years after abstaining from use, but others do improve more quickly. Methamphetamine abuse specifically damages the dopamine system in the brain. After withdrawal, it causes the individual to experience feelings of exhaustion, depression, hunger and at times even suicide.

Because of the damage done by meth addiction to the dopamine system in the brain, individuals trying to recover from meth addiction may find it beneficial to take natural supplements that will assist with dopamine production. Eating extra amounts of protein can also help, but it may be difficult to consume enough food in the early stages of recovery. Some particular foods that will assist with the production of dopamine include eggs, almonds, bananas, avocados and meat. Getting regular rest and performing some form of daily exercise will also help to increase dopamine levels.

Don't fall for the meth trap

Most studies show that behavioral therapy including individual therapy is the best course of treatment for meth addicts. Results in most cases are better with family involvement and when a twelve step program is added. After several months of being clean it is possible that a physician can prescribe the drug Wellbutrin to help with some of the cravings during recovery.

How to overcome meth addiction and enjoy a full meth addiction recovery
The first thing you will have to do if you want to beat meth addiction is the oblivious and that’s to stop using meh. Once you have done this you can begin to recover from meth addiction.

There are a couple of ways this can be done the first way will cost you absolutely nothing. You may be wondering at this point how this can be. It is free to any addict with the desire to stop using and it is the program of Narcotics Anonymous. This simple program has been helping drug and alcohol addicted people to stop using drugs worldwide for many years.

My suggestion to all meth addics is to attend a meeting every day for no less than 90 days. This may sound like to much for you but think of all the time you spent getting and thinking about finding one more bag of meth. When one thinks about it like this is it really to much to ask to spend one and a half hours a day in a meeting to save your life?

The next way to recover from meth addiction would be to go to meth addiction treatment. If you choose this way to kick meth then you will be housed in a inpatient treatment facility where a staff of trained professionals will see to your needs as well as administer medications to help ease the discomfort of meth withdrawal. After your detox it is imputative that you continue your meth addiction recovery in residential treatment where you will gain information and valuable tools to help you to stay clean after leaving rehab.


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