Drug Addicted children need all the help they can get

I think this is pretty much how vicious cycle of drug addicted children actually begins. Many pregnant drug addicted mothers don't realize that when they snort, take pills or shoot up passes directly to their unborn baby; furthermore, this can cause many problems in directly related to the child when he/she is born. This sometimes may affect them the rest of their lives.

Some of the problems parents of drug addicted children can be faced with are giving birth to babies of low birth weight, and with delayed development. Babies can also be born prematurely due to the consumption of drugs.

Examples of children born with a heroin addiction

Once the baby is born and the drug is no longer available, the child may experience tremors, excessive crying, rapid breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, muscle stiffness, constant reflex actions, and more. Let’s take a look at what does happen in real life let’s just say for example the mother was a hard core heroin addict and used up until just before giving birth. Therefore when the baby is born it will be addicted to heroin and being that it is no longer getting the heroin form the mother it will go through heroin withdrawal. This is very sad but it happens more than most people realize.

Another example of a child that is born addicted to drugs would be the child could very well also experience a delay in learning. This doesn't just mean learning in school, but this also includes things such as the baby's first step, crawling, and even talking.

Depending on what the mother was taking during her pregnancy and the severity of it will determine if her drug addicted children will have learning disabilities. It is possible for some children to learn and develop just fine, but in the majority of the cases, this doesn't happen. There are at least 400,000 babies or children born into the world each year. One way or another, they all end up with physical, developmental, or learning disabilities as they get older.

How to help teenagae drug addicted children

Women who use drugs increase their child of experiencing SID. More long term effects consist of behavioral issues, growth retardation, depression, and more. These things can get worse as the child gets older, if he/she doesn't have the proper support to overcome the mistakes of the mother.

If you have a drug addicted teenager it would be a good idea to get them into some type of counseling or addiction therapy especially if they grew up seeing their parents using drugs. In my option they have probably been stuffing their feelings for a long time and will have difficulty expressing what they are really feeling.


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