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Heroin Withdrawal Stories

There are many heroin withdrawal stories and I would like to share some of my own with you. I am a heroin addict and have been using heroin since I was 19 years old, 26 years ago. Life has had its ups and downs over those 26 years. I have had periods of being clean and periods of serving time in New Jerseys prison system. It has been one hell of a ride, one I wish upon nobody. This blog post may be offensive to some but all I hope is that it may touch someone and help them turn a different direction than I have, This I hope is one of the better heroin withdrawal stories you have read.

In the summer of 1985 I was living in an apartment in Somerville, New Jersey. I had lived a trouble life up to this point. I had already spent time in New Jersey's Juvenile Department of Corrections, Jamesburg and Yardville on 3 different occasions. It was a dark and lonely part of my life. I was 19 now and an adult. I seemed to be doing better, I was working in a restaurant and had an apartment. this would not last long however because I kept the same troubled friends and would drink and smoke weed all of the time. Cocaine was around often but I never liked the jones after it was gone.

One Day a friend came over the apartment and asked if I would like to try some heroin. Of course I did! I dreamed of trying heroin. It was the one drug I had not tried yet. I sniffed a bag and was high as hell. It was like a euphoric coke high but different and I didn't jones from it. Heroin it seemed was the best ultimate high I ever had. I felt soooo good! My friend and I got someone to drive to Brooklyn, New York the next day to get some more of this heroin. Wee copped in Greenpoint Brooklyn on South Second. It was a predominantly Spanish community and really not the safest place for some skinny white guys to be going. But this just added to the excitement of copping and getting high.

I remember parking the car around the corner from where the building was where they sold the dope and walking quickly to the building. It was next to the fire house and there were two Spanish guys who stood on the porch in the front of the building. They checked everyone who went in for weapons and to see if you might be a cop. Once inside you had to go to the back of the building and up two or three flights of stairs. There was always a line of junkies waiting to cop their dope in the line. The building was nasty and run down and really all you wanted to do was get your shit and get out of their before the cops would come because if the cops came the dope dealers would disappear and you would be stuck standing inthe building exposed to the cops. Once you got your turn the guy would be sitting on the stairs with a god awful amount of dope in these huge freezer bags. They would count out what you would want and hand it to you once you paid. After copping I would rush out and back to the car as quick as possible because I would want to get high immediately.

The dope was so good back then, just one bag would give you such a rush when you injected it. One day I had gone in to cop and got back out and into the car. We pulled off and got a block away when a cop pulls us over. Normally the cops take your shit, smack you around and tell you to beat it. Well, this day was different. This cop found bags on two of us but not the driver. He arrested me and a girl that was in the car with us. I had no idea what was about to happen. We were taken to central booking. In central booking they were smoking crack in the holding tanks and it just was a god awful stinky place. I began to feel sick from not using the dope as we were transfered to another jail. I was all clamy with nasty chills and the shits. There was a toilet in the bulltank that held about twenty of us. The toilet was so disgusting with dried shit and piss all over it. I had to force my self to get the shits out of me. That had to be the most fowl moment in my life. The guards would come by and say if anyone could not take care of their belongings to put it on the table because they didn't want to have to mop anybody up later. One guy had had some ciggarettes and about twenty people jumped him and beat the living pulp out of him just to take the cigarettes, I was so sick, weak, couldn't sleep , cold and just feeling so nasty. I wish I could have just died. For five days I was in this jail in Brooklyn where I finally went to court. I felt as if a train had hit me by this time, I went in front of the judge and was given time served and a hundred dollar fine, They let me loose,

26 years of this kind of nonsense is what I have dealt with. Over the next 26 years I have gone to various county jails and have had to cold turkey heroin each time. I also was given an 11 year state prison sentence which I served 6 years of. I did get clean one time and stayed clean for 8 years. During those 8 years my life was pretty good. I got married, started a Business, bought a condo, then a very large house. I had a daughter who I loved to death. Then One day I decided to pick up again. I lost my house , my family and everything right down to the clothes on my back - literally. For the past 5 years I have struggled with a heroin habit again. I ended up spending time in Essex County jail in Newark New Jersey for almost a year after getting popped with a brick of dope. The jail was riddled with gangs and just entire chaos. Jail now is nothing like it used to be. It sucks!!!! I have yet to beat my addiction but want to so bad but it just has such a grip on my pant leg. Pray for me. I hope no person has to go through all the things I have. It is a dark cold lonely journey. I have more heroin withdrawal stories but I'll leave you with this one for now.


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