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Breaking the Pattern to Overcome Drug Addiction without relapsing

First of all I am a recovering addict and trust me I know that breaking the pattern of drug addiction is one of the most difficult things you will ever do. On the one hand beating addiction is not that hard all you have to do is not pick up no matter what.  What we have to do is recover from a life time of unhealthy decisions. To do this we must take a personal inventory of who we have hurt or done wrong or hurt while we were still using drugs.

Recognizing you need addiction help

One needs to keep in mind that some of us may still act like children even though we are clean and sober.  There are those around the tables who say you are mentally the age that you started using drugs. I am not sure about that but what I am sure of is sometimes I do act the age I started abusing drugs. What this does is reaffirm that I need all the Staying sober during recovery from addiction

It can be very difficult stay sober during recovery from addiction, precisely because narcotic substances are extremely addictive. In order for addiction help to be successful, it is necessary to make a recovery plan. A comprehensive plan to help recovering addicts will have several key components.

Support network for drug addiction help

A support network is vital to increasing the recovering addict's chances of success staying clean and sober. Friends, family members and co-workers can all be members of your support network. However, it is important that the people who support you are also committed to staying clean and sober.

Individuals who have successfully kicked their own substance-abuse habits can be particularly helpful in your support network -- they have been there, done that, and established successful methods of staying sober. The need to have support people who understand a person struggling with addiction is one reason many recovering addicts use

Overcome drug addiction with 12-step programs like NA 

A typical NA program structure for a drug addict in the early stages of recovery may involve intensive attendance at meetings. Commonly, new NA members are encouraged to attend as many as 90 meetings in the first 90 days.
Going to meetings daily can help build and strengthen your support network. It also helps to establish a regular daily routine which may have been lacking during the time you were using drugs. This program is just an all around great form of addiction help .

A lack of daily routine in terms of sleeping, waking and eating can be both a side-effect of substance abuse, and a reason for the habit to continue. Regular work on your recovery plan can help break the lifestyle patterns associated with your addiction.
Once you have established and followed your recovery plan, you will be equipped with the knowledge and personal experience to help other recovering addicts should you choose to do so.

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