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Heroin Overdose requires immediate medical attention and how to overcome heroin addiction in drug rehab

Heroin users often experience dry mouth, lower blood pressure, and shallower breathing. These are the normal effects of using almost any drug in the opium family.  When someone takes too much heroin, it can have devastating effects.

Heroin side effects and overdose symptoms

All of the normal side effects of heroin use are present in an overdose victim. The patient may experience the following heroin overdose symptoms in addition to the normal side effects.

Someone who has overdosed may have even shallower breath, blue lips and a weak pulse. The body may be wracked by muscle spasms. Many patients lose consciousness during the process.

Someone who encounters an overdose may not know what to do. If the body is racked by muscle spasms, the responder should clear the area of any objects that might cause injury.  If the responder has not already done so, he should call 911. There is little the average person can do to provide additional aid.

When the ambulance arrives, he may need to answer questions from the EMTS.  However, emergency responders know to get the patient to the hospital quickly.

I overdose one time and when I came too I had tubes and iv in me everywhere. I asked the attending nurse if I could go home and she said I would have to discuss this with the doctor. Well a couple of hours went by and I finally got to speak with him. I asked if it was possible if I could go home now and he says why do you have some more heroin there I was like no but to tell the truth I really did and that’s why I was in a hurry to leave.

At the time it made perfect sense but now that I am clean and sober when I look back I am like how stupid was that I mean I was in the hospital for dam near dying from a overdose and all I wanted to do was go home and do some more.

How to overcome a heroin addiction in drug rehab

If you are a struggling heroin addict and happed to live after an overdose of heroin then you should thank God and get to a drug rehab immediately. This is the best choice for most addicts and alcoholics who are trying to change their life, as it will generally provide the most options and resources as far as staying clean and sober goes.

A trip to drug rehab is more than just drying someone out and then spitting them back on to the street.  There are a number of steps involved and if you want to get the full benefit of treatment then you need to be honest with yourself and very thorough about your recovery.  Staying clean is an all-or-nothing proposition.  Creating a new life is much the same way.

If you try to get clean and sober and start a new life, you are either making huge progress towards these goals, or you are failing miserably.  There is no in-between.  People who think they are caught in-between can later look back and realize they were starting their quick descent into relapse mode.

That is why they say "you are either working on recovery, or you are working on a relapse."  You have to be active in pursuing a new life in order to reap the benefits of recovery.  Anything less than this and you will eventually stagnate and return to your old habits.

Drug rehab can help connect you to resources that will help you to stay clean over the long haul.  For example, being introduced into a 12 step fellowship can be a huge part of rehab for many addicts that were smoking heroin.  Some people excel in these programs and others do not.  If you put a ton of effort into a fellowship such as AA or NA, then you will likely get a huge benefit from the program.

Now does this mean that you have to follow this path?  No it does not.  But it does mean that you have to put your full effort into something.  If you just dilly dally in early recovery and expect this great new life to just fall into your lap then you are going to end up using drugs again.

It takes work in order to recover.  What you do is not nearly important as the enthusiasm with which you do it.  For example, there are plenty of other programs out there, and also religious paths you can take, which have led many people to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

It is not about "only one way to get clean."  There are many paths to recovery and the responsibility for finding that path is up to the individual.

If you want to get started on this journey then check into drug rehab Houston and see what you can do to get started on creating this new life for yourself.

Good luck


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