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Many people ask is addiction help needed to achieve goals for success in drug addiction recovery?

Goals for success in drug addiction recovery can probably be found in the AA bible. When somebody's swimming for their life, though, they probably don't want to be bothered with flipping through a lot of soggy pages. Of course, the first goal is to not use right at this moment. The second goal is to not use right at that moment. The third goal is to not to use right then and there. If a drug addict can reach those first three challenges, even if they arise one on top of the other in a minute and a half span, there is a fighting chance.

It is very important for the addict those who are trying to give them addiction help to understand about how to stop drug abuse.

Getting addiction help to maintain drug addiction recovery

Urges are surges, and like shock waves and bucking broncos, must be ridden until the riding is done. The next goal is to prepare for the next violent, bucking ride. The best way to prepare for this is to have a network of addiction help. For this other members of AA or NA programs work well. The reason for this is you can call on the 24/7 and they will be there to help you to get through whatever you are going through.

Remove all triggers from your life

Strip away the things that chain and trigger should be the next goal. If a certain person makes somebody want to use, then that certain person should be avoided. What song sounded the best while high? That song shouldn't be played anymore.

Finding a sponsor to help you through the hard times

The next goal for the recovering addict should be to find a strong anchor and somebody to be called upon when the disease of addiction is stomping the ground around them. That person has to be stronger than drugs and sweeter than candy, and more patient than a stoplight. This person will more than likely be the person you chose to be your sponsor.

My sponsor turned out to be my best friend we do a lot of things together like go to the movies or just hand out at one of our houses and talk. He is also there to help me to write the steps. If you get lucky enough to find a sponsor like this you had better hang on to them.
I call mine on a regular basis that is not to say it’s a one way street because he also calls me and picks me up to go to meetings and what not.

One of the biggest goals an addict should have is Happiness

The next goal should be to find happiness and delight in anything not drug related. The pleasure centers of the drug addict need to be changed ASAP at this moment. Find delight; find it in anything or anybody that is sober. Enjoy, and learn to discover the pleasures of a drug free life. I mean if you can not be happy in your new life being clean and sober what is the point because you were plenty miserable while you were abusing drugs every day.

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