stop using Heroin

In recovery it is necessary to think ahead. What I mean by this we need to make short and long term goals.

For instance make a commitment of something you would you like to do for your recovery in 90 days.

For longer term goals use 6 month, 1 year, and 5 year lengths. My goal is to remain free from heroin addiction everyday.

My 1 year goal is to complete my bachelors degree although it may take 18 months that's OK.

In 5 years I would like to have completed my masters degree and be working in the SWRK field maybe even substance abuse.

Ok now it is up to you write out a list of goals for yourself and make them realistic. Once you have completed this post them somewhere in your house you are likely to see them frequently.

If your just limit yourself to going to meetings you will miss out on a whole lot. My idea of recovery is that we must push ourselves to do new things in all areas of our lives.

This would include mentally, spiritually, physically, and I will throw in nutritionally.

If you work to include these things to all areas of your life I am willing to bet you that you will feel happy joyous and free from heroin addiction.

For further help try Heroin Addiction help. also consider heroin addiction treatment.


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