15 Tips for recovery from heroin addiction

 Heroin addiction Recovery

1. Take care of yourself mentally.

2. Put the statistics of relapse out of your mind.

3. You are responsible for your own recovery.

4. Don't underestimate your disease.

5. Take care of yourself spiritually.

6. Listen to the people who relapse you may find some ways to avoid a relapse.

7. If you are attending meetings regularly then start chairing a meeting.

8. Practice forgiveness forgive the people that happen to step on your toes at meetings.

9. Go for a long walk.

10. Get a pet maybe a cat or dog.

11. Treat yourself to a Gourmet meal.

Addiction Therapy.

13. Work a puzzle or a model.

14. Learn something new each day even if it is only a new word.

15. Write a good bye letter to your heroin addiction.

I was in active heroin addiction for over 30 years and I have personally used all of these tips for my recovery from heroin addiction.

These are some great suggestion for any addict who truly wants to find heroin addiction recovery. The catch is you have to actually integrate them into your recovery strategy. Recovery without works will not happen if we do not use what we have learned we may lose it in a relapse. The number one reason that people report for using again is that they quit going to meetings. 


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