Prescription drug addiction is just as bad as an addiction to heroin

Prescription drug addiction could possibly happen to anyone. I know a lot of people start out taking something that contains hydrocodone for a legitimate pain ailment.

Then after using it for a while they unknowingly end up with a hydrocodone addiction. This is unfortunate because they were not seeking the drug to get high unlike some of us.

I used to have a prescription drug addiction and I used to have a boatload of Dr's to supply my prescription drug habit.

I would go from one Dr. to the next seeking pain medication every thing from vicodin to dilaudid.

I would lie to them and make up some fictitious aliment to get my drugs.

There is another fact about prescription drug addiction that a lot of people are unaware of and that is that a lot of teenagers are becoming addicted to prescription drugs.

Here is a list of the

How to stop using prescription drugs

Anyone can beat prescription drug addiction if they take the proper steps to do so.

They are easy for them to get all they have to do is raid their parents medicine chest. I use to go to strangers homes and look through their medicine cabinet with the hopes of fining some drugs.

I would advise anyone to lock up their prescription medication. This will prevent people from stealing them.

How to overcome prescription drug addiction. This is hard thing to do but you can beat prescription drug addiction/

Maybe a good idea would be to go to prescription drug addiction treatment. If you make the decision to go you will be medically detoxed from what ever prescription narcotic you happen to be addicted now days the biggie is vicodin addiction. In this type of rehab setting you will be given prescription medications to help ease the pain of withdrawal. This type of detox can take up to 5 days. Then I would suggest that you continue your recovery in residential treatment. This will prepare you to stay clean when you leave rehab.


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