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Heroin Detox help for hardcore addicts that want to quit heroin

If one decides to stop using heroin it poses several questions that one needs to ask themselves. One of which would be why do I wish to quit. Has the fun gone out of using are you sick and tired of being sick and tired. Or maybe you are doing it for a loved one. This is a nice gesture but realistically it will not work one must stop using heroin for themselves. When the addict can say they want to quit for themselves and have had enough beat downs to last them a lifetime then they just may be ready to detox heroin.

Maybe you are doing it for your job because you failed a drug screen this may get you some help but staying clean is the key. OK enough about that I am sure you are aware that the consequences of  your drug abuse are severe withdrawal symptoms. I will ask at this point how you intend to deal with this I would look around for the best treatment center that I could find.

Facing heroin withdrawal is the reason many of us avoid detox. It is frightening to put it mildly a better work would be terrifying this is the reason many of us have no desire to stop. What needs to happen is we have to hit our bottom so to speak then we may be ready to deal with finding out which type heroin rehab we will use to get clean.

Home detox

One way in which to stop using is to go heroin cold turkey. This is by far the most unpleasant way in which to kick heroin. Here is a list of the withdrawal symptoms you will have to go through with a home detox which is the same as to kick smoking it cold turkey.

Heroin withdrawal symptoms

1. Stomach and leg cramps.

2. Frequent vomiting.

3. Cold sweats or goose bumps.

4. Severe anxiety.

5. Loss of appetite.

6. Very little or no sleep.

7. Diarrhea.

How to Detox

This is just to name a few so be sure this is what you want to do because you will have your work cut out for you. I have done this a few times and I can tell you this that it is not the easiest way to go but it will be to say the least very memorable I can guarantee you that. One thing that I would do if I intended to use the option of a how to detox method is try to stay awake for 24 to 36 hours before I actually quit using.

The idea here is that it should make you very tired and just maybe you can sleep the worst part of your detox from heroin away. I also would strongly recommend that one gets a close friend or family member to stay with them through this ordeal. They can help in a number of ways from running errands to just being there for moral support which I am sure you will need because there are going to be times when you want to just give up and go use. If you do make it through this type of detox you will defiantly have bragging rights when it comes down to sharing your success story.

Making up ones mind to stop using is a plus all by itself. Mostly it will help any newcomer to here your story about how you were able to stop using heroin at home and made it and are clean to talk about it today. I know for sure you will think twice before using and putting yourself through the rigors of withdrawal again.

Best opiate detox

Another way to detox would be to go to opiate addiction treatment stop using at the best heroin detox center. With the heroin addiction detox you could have the option of a medical detox and this will be supervised by a trained professional staff. They will look after basically your every need.

If you choose this type of drug detox you will have nothing to fear because I can tell you with all certainty that it will be relatively painless. There they will give you prescription medications to help you you with your withdrawals. If you do choose this method you can also continue on with residential treatment which I would suggest that you do. This will help you to prepare for your entry back into the real world again.

One needs every type of advantage they can get when it comes to fighting addiction. This will beat the cold turkey method hands down but it will be expensive so be sure your insurance will cover it.

One thing that is better about this way to kick heroin is you can choose anywhere that you want to go to treatment. Maybe you would like to detox in a rehab on a waterfront villa in sunny Florida. The choice is yours. The thing is you only have to go through this once so you may as well do it up right if you can afford it. This will make the memory of your getting clean last you a lifetime.

I would also like to mention the rapid opiate detox way  this is where you go to a treatment center that is basically staffed by Dr’s and nurses. Once there you will be given medications then you will be given medications to help ease the pain of heroin withdrawal. During this process all of your basic needs will be met so you will be getting some much needed rest. Some people also have reported no physical pain at all from withdrawal. This kind of detox can be done in 3 to 5 days. So this may be a good choice for people who may not be able to be away from work for long.

Heroin addiction rehab

One of the very best ways that I can think of for an addict to kick heroin is to go to heroin rehab. There are a few good reasons for this one of witch is that you will be medically detoxed from heroin. This is done by a staff of medical professionals who have been specifically trained in this area. They will be there to monitor you around the clock they will also administer medications like suboxone to help with the pain withdrawal. Many people actually prefer this method to others and report that the withdrawal is not as ferocious as what it is rumored to be. I would make plans to go to rehab as soon as possible your life really does depend on that do not take it for granted.

Rapid detox

There is a rather new way for heroin addicts to stop using and this is called rapid detox It seems to be a very productive way to detox from all opiates and and best of all it is entirely a medically assisted. This procedure is done by licensed medical practitioner.

Upon arrival at the rapid treatment center the patient is given anesthesia to put them under. Once completely under they are given prescription medications to rapidly flush the system of all opiates. This usually takes around 4 hours. When the patient wakes up the theory is that they will have no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. There have been some individuals report mild withdrawals.

There are some drawbacks to rapid opiate detox; for example it is very expensive it can cost thousands of dollars also there have be deaths from this procedure from the patient being under for to long.

My biggest concern with this procedure is the lack of support immediately following detox. What I mean is that most rehabs offer residential treatment after detox. In my opinion without this type of help the addict is doomed to fail. The reason being is they are ill equipped to enter a society that is drug ridden and expect to stay clean. In residential treatment the addict is given the tools they will need to succeed and stay clean when its time to go home.

Opiate Detox is Available for People Looking for Help

It needs to be recognized that every opiate detox patient has a different medical and dependency history. It is important to look at a person, attempting to detox, as an individual opposed to putting them in a group using a 'one-plan-fits-all' method.

Although detox is possible to be done at home many patients choose to enter a professional recovery program. People enrolled in a professional opiate detox program spend a different amount of time. In most programs, depending basically, on their dependency or in other words what kind of drug habit you have, the patient is given special medications upon admittance. These are used in order to help ease the pain of opiate withdrawal. It is important that the patient is monitored during this procedure.

Depending on the program the patient continues through the various steps associated with a withdrawl program. During this time it continues to be important that the person is under the supervision of a doctor. Blood pressure and other procedures need to be followed to make certain the person remains in stable condition. Following the detox program every patient is encouraged to become involved with a follow up program like addiction therapy or attending 12 step meetings.

Detox 5

I wanted to share with everyone a very popular way that has caught on in the U. K. it is called the detox 5. I am not sure how new it is but I believe the name is rather new and its kind of catchy because it sure caught my attention. It is my hope that it will catch a lot of peoples attention of people who are trying to overcome heroin addiction and find a new way to live.

The detox 5 is just what it sounds like a five day detox. Now it can be done at home or in rehab. If you go to rehab you will be medically. What will happen is folks who have been trained for working with people with an opiate addiction will administer prescription meds to help you overcome withdrawal symptoms and this process takes 4 or 5 days. If you are suffering from this deadly drug why not take action and try this out? You owe it to your self!

I have to tell you that you do not have to go what I went through to get clean. I went trough 30 plus years of getting and using and find ways and means to get more. This is no kind of life for anyone we all deserve better. My drug usage affected every one I came in contact with and believe it or not so does yours.

I lied and I stole from my family swearing that I was going to stop using. The thing is I may have really meant it but I did not know how. If you are reading this post you have no more excuses to use heroin because I have explained at length how to stop using heroin. If you are still having problems then leave a comment.

How to detox  

Giving up a drug addiction is more complicated than just using will power. A drug addict will develop a physical dependency on the drug being taken. This drug has a reputation for being very difficult to stop taking because it produces terrible symptoms during the withdrawal phase. For this reason it is advisable to get professional help if you or a loved one want to recover from addiction. If done the right way, a person can get through this process and overcome their craving for the drug so they can get their life back.

Withdrawal symptoms from this opiate drug such as tremors, nausea, perspiration, physical aches in the body, and hallucinating. If a person has been a long time user, it is very painful to go through withdrawal from this drug. A trained professional can help during the process of physically and emotionally withdrawing from the drug, but it will still be difficult to go through this experience. The addict must truly desire to break free of this addiction.

With the right help in place, detox will be a whole lot easier. The supportive assistance of friends, family, and professionals will be a great benefit. That is the reason that it is worth making the effort to get rid of this drug from your system. Taking the steps to get clean can save your life, and if you are an addict you must fight against your addiction if you ever want to recover and have a normal life.

It may be difficult to overcome any addiction but if you take action it can be done. I know because I have quit using and found a new way to live drug free and the thing is you can too if you just take the suggestions you will find in this post.

I have to add that one of the best ways I have found to beat heroin addiction is by attending NA meetings. If you are new to recovery I would make a commitment to attend meetings on a daily basis. One good thing about them are that they are absolutely free and the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop using so if you are reading this chances are you meet the requirement.

If you really want to beat heroin you are going to have to put in the work. What I mean by work is taking action in fact, massive action is  necessary if you want to overcome heroin so what exactly I am saying is that you need to step up your recovery program to avoid a heroin relapse and prevent returning to your former state of addiction. This can be done by attending more NA meetings, keeping in  contact with your sponsor regularly and if you do not have one I would suggest that you get one. Keep in mind that meeting makers make it.

Your opinion is needed! Please leave a comment below and share with us!

If anyone has any questions regarding Heroin or the treatment process for getting clean from it or any other drug, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comments below.  

Thank you!


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