Mothers little helper valium addiction

Valium is a very difficult drug to come off of; in fact, when it first came out many women were becoming addicted to it and it was often refereed to as mothers little helper. It became very popular.

Diazepam was the second benzodiazepine to be invented Roche pharmaceuticals. It was approved in 1960 with the trademark name valium.

Valium was to help Roche to become an industry giant. The drug was more than twice as potent as it predecessor chlordiazepoxide and it quickly passed it in sale too.

The reason drugs like valium became so popular are that they are a lot less dangerous than barbiturates and there are fewer deaths from overdose. Barbiturates also leave you with a hangover effect the next day.

Diazapam –valium was the top selling drug from 1969-1982 that is unreal. Today it is less popular being more or less replaced by newer drugs they have basically created a monster because of the great potential of valium addiction.

This is a List of commonly prescribed benzodiazepines.

Valium, diazepam:

Klonopin, clonazepam

Librium, chlordiazepoxide:

, alprazolam:

, bromazepam

, clorazepate:
Rohypnol, flunitrazepam:


, flurazepam:

, halazepam:

, loprazolam:

, lorazepam:

(Hypnovel, Dormicum), midazolam:

, nitrazepam:

, oxazepam:

quazepam: Restoril, temazepam:

, triazolam:

It is my opinion that valium was over prescribed in the beginning. I say this because any time anyone had the least bit of anxiety or family problem valium was the cure all drug.

Any benzodiazepine should never be taken for longer than two weeks tops I think maybe even a couple of days is enough. We need to learn to deal with our problems as they arise.

I think that this is the problem with our society today thinking there is a pill for every thing. Let me be the first to tell you there is not.

It became so popular that it was quickly coined as mothers little helper a better name may have been mothers little destroyer.

Valium has a high potential for abuse because of its euphoric effects. I know the first time I tried them I though I was in seventh heaven.

I also had a problem with abusing xanax they are maybe even worse than valium if that is possible.

I am sure this is the way valium addiction has begun for many others also.

If you think you may have a problem abusing valium there are a few ways you can learn how to stop using valium.

Long term use of any benzos may include poor memory, depression, and more anxiety than when you started taking them. When you stop using valium you can expect valium withdrawal.

Many people who want to stop using valium continue using because of being frightened of the withdrawal. They have heard reports of how bad the withdrawals are but these reports are often exaggerated.

One can stop using any benzo if it is done correctly many people try to quit using valium too quickly.

In any case long term users should use a technique to taper off of there medication. This has helped many people to beat valium addiction.


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