Heroin side effects

I think a lot of people may be interested in heroin side effects so I am going to share a little bit about my experience with this today. I have experienced them so many times that I can not even give you an accurate number. It may only take 7 days of heavy heroin using to experience these side effects.

I would suggest that if you have only been using for a short time to quit before you have to go through this because it is by no means a pleasant experience in other words get out while the getting good.

Here is a list of heroin side effects

1. Stomach cramps.

2. Headache.

3. Heroin withdrawal

4. Goose flesh.

5. Diarrhea.

6. Vomiting.

7. Insomnia.

8. Leg cramps

9. Nervousness and irritability.

10. Cravings or wanting to use.

11. Loss of appetite.

12. Possible dehydration.

13. One could become disorientated.

These are all common heroin side effects they are all the signs of heroin addiction but you can get help for heroin side effects. If you are experiencing these symptoms then you may want to get help. Heroin side effects are not fatal unless one has serious health problems.

I do know for certain that a person only need experience this once. That’s right you can get clean the first time it does not take a lifetime of using to stop like it did me. If you are going through this I would suggest that you go to a treatment center that offers heroin detox. There they will be able to detox you from heroin medically. This is a great way to stop using heroin.

Good luck


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