Propoxyphene for opioid withdrawal

I decided today to write about well kept secret for the use of Propoxyphene for opiate withdrawal. With the new wave drugs like vicodin which more than likely work better for pain relief I don’t think the drug Dextropropoxyphene made by Eli Lilly incorporation is prescribed to often these days. This drug is sometimes combined with acetaminophen. Trade names include Darvocet –N, Di-Gesic and Darvon with APAP. This drug is basically classified as an opioid and is used to treat mild pain it is however habit forming or addictive.

Dextropropoxyphene in its pure form is sometimes used on patients for opioid withdrawal from drugs that are stronger the reason for this is that it does not have as bad mental cravings but still helps with the physical withdrawal from drugs like hydrocodone. Propoxyphene has also been found to be very helpful in persons with restless leg syndrome.

One thing abusers of propoxyphene need to be aware of is that because of using large doses of the drug to relive pain it can cause liver damage. I would suggest that one does not drink while on this medication.

I have never personally tried propoxyphene for opiate withdrawal although this does not mean that it will not help. In my opinion it is not a very effective pain reliever but on the other hand it could very well be affective for withdrawal from drugs like vicodin;

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