10 Methadone withdrawal tips

Methadone withdrawal tips

I am thinking that a number of people would like some methadone withdrawal tips.

1. Make up your mind that you want to stop using methadone.

2. Have a strategy.

3. Like do you want to stop using methadone cold turkey?

4. If you are on a methadone clinic you can just ask the nurse to taper you for instance, reduce your dose 5mg per week until you are done. This will prevent any methadone withdrawals.

5. Now if you are on methadone pills and want to quit methadone cold turkey you can taper yourself for instance, just take one less pill a day and you should be fine.

6. Here is another go to a Dr. that prescribes suboxone and tell them of your plans to quit and they will write you a prescription and let you know how many to take a day and anything else you want to know.

7. Now here is how to do a methadone cold turkey at home. First of all make sure there is no methadone in your home. Next you will want to have a friend or family member come stay with you because when the going gets tough and it will, they can be there for support.

8. I would also go to my local drug store and buy some diarrhea medicine and Motrtin for leg cramps and what not. I think Benadryl is a good idea to help you sleep too.

9. Now remember this will not be easy and you will want to give up before you are half way through just tell yourself I only have to go through this once and think of all the benefits of no longer being addicted to methadone. Now you may be able to afford the new car you always wanted. The freedom alone from active methadone addiction is well worth it.

10. Never ever give up if you do not succeed the first time keep trying I did not get it right the first time nor the tenth for that matter but I kept coming back and I am clean today because of it.

Good luck


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