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Methadone clinics: information and help

Methadone Clinics information and help

The thing that comes to mind is that a lot of heroin addicts look for the easier softer way to stop using and who can blame them. Who in their right mind would want to suffer through heroin withdrawal?

This brings us to what I will be writing about which is methadone clinics. This is one of the first things a heroin addict may think of when they want to kick. Here's the low down on methadone clinics you can find one near any major city in the U. S. and I also know that other countries have them too.

Lets say for instance, that you are on methadone maintenance and decide that you want to go on vacation in another state this can be done but it is time consuming. What you do is tell your counselor of your plans to visit another state. They will contact methadone clinics along the way and you will be considered a visitor. This will be good for the going and the return home.

Some methadone clinics will actually give you take homes for a week or so and when they run out you can get dosed at the nearest methadone clinic. This can be great but it is still to me like being tied down to methadone. It basically runs your life and you will end up with a methadone addiction.

Anyway if this is for you then this is the way to go about it. In any case I would only get on methadone as a last resort, this means that you have tried every other way to stop heroin but there is one more thing you could do and that is methadone treatment.

Check out this methadone clinic video.


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