can you get addicted to heroin after using it once?

I had a question this week that concerned heroin use here it is can you get addicted to heroin after using it once?

I would have to say that this is a catch 22 question because the answer is yes and no. I say yes because if the individual has the hereditary disposition for addiction there is a slim chance they could become addicted to heroin after only using it once but this is highly unlikely. Just because you may not become addicted to heroin the first time is no reason to go out there and use heroin because what happens is the person starts to like it and over time they become addicted to heroin.

Heroin is a very dangerous drug and is nothing to experiment with I can not even beging to tell you the number of people who used heroin one time and are no longer with us because of a heroin overdose so again if you have tried it then you need to stop using heroin before it kills you too.

If you think you may have a problem with heroin and want to quit using heroin I would suggest that you go to heroin treatment there you can receive help for heroin withdrawal as well as residential treatment. One can stop using and find a new way to live with out the use of drugs and I am living proof of this. I am reasonably happy and I am pursuing a degree in Social Work you can get clean and follow your dreams also.

Good luck


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