How to stop Dilaudid using in opiate rehab

I guess some people are so caught up in their drug seeking that they are unaware or just don’t give a hoot that dilaudid using has consequences. Believe it or not they happen to be just as severe as heroin. That’s right if you get busted for using or selling or for that matter get caught with a couple you can indeed go to prison.

Dilaudid using is quite popular among heroin addicts because a lot of the time they will try to kick heroin with by using dilaudid. This does not work it is like changing one bad habit for another. I have been there and done that. Dilaudid is just as addictive if not more so than heroin because people love the rush they get when shooting dilaudid.

In any case they are nothing to toy with because in the end they will cause dilaudid addiction. I have been hooked on them and they are pure D hell to get off of. If you think you may have a problem from dilaudid using then my suggestion to you is to get help and this can be done in many opiate rehabs found all over the country. If this does not appeal to you then why not stop using dilaudid at home. I have done this on occasion but let me clue you in it is by no means going to be a cake walk.

My suggestion though would be to go to dilaudid addiction treatment. If you do go to treatment you can be detoxed from dilaudid medically. This is done by people who are trained in this area. They will give you medication to help with the dilaudid withdrawal and you can stay right in your own room and rest for the most part.

After you finish your detox for dilaudid you will want to continue with residential treatment. This will help you learn the tricks and the trades on how not to use once you leave treatment. I have found it necessary to go over your exit plans with a counselor to make a treatment plan for when you leave because without a plan you will relapse shortly after leaving and we don’t want that to happen.

Good luck


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