Stop using morphine overcome morphine addiction

Morphine was invented in the early 1800’s long before heroin came along. Since then they have tried to improve on it in many ways. For example, making drugs like heroin, hydrocodone and Oxy’s. A couple of things are true of all of them, one thing is that they all help to relive pain and the other is that they are very addicting.

Here is a little history of morphine and heroin- Morphine was first made for sale to the general public by Sertürner and Company in 1817 as an analgesic, and also as a treatment for opium and alcohol addiction. It was not until much later that it was found that morphine was more addictive than either opium or alcohol, morphine was used extensively during the Civil War it is though this was the cause of over 400,000 new drug addicts it was later to be coined the soldier's disease. This was a hard time for all addicts. They really had no idea how to treat morphine addicts and many ended up in asylums.

Diacetylmorphine aka as heroin was to be developed from morphine in 1874 and sold by the famous Bayer manufactures in 1898. Heroin is said to be 1.5–2 times stronger than morphine. At the time it was thought to be non addicting and would replace its sister drug morphine. I am here to tell you that if you are trying to stop using morphine it is like putting a leech great white on but it can be done. But it will take action as well as a lot of work if you want to successfully overcome morphine addiction.

Stop using morphine overcome morphine addiction

If you want to learn how stop using morphine overcome morphine addiction I would suggest that you go to morphine addiction treatment. There you will be able to detox from morphine without having to worry about morphine withdrawal. The reason I say this is because that you will be taken care of by a medical team who are trained to administer medications to help ease the pain of morphine withdrawal. This process will take up to 5 days. After which I recommend that you go to residential treatment. This will help give you a little more clean time as well give you some tools to stay clean when you leave rehab.


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