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How to stop craving heroin using these recovery strategies

What do people do when they start craving heroin? One thing you can do is keep yourself busy the cravings will pass very fast but the key is not to entertain the thought. If you start to entertain the thought of using heroin you may not run right out in and get a bag of dope but you have planted the seed. We want to keep are garden free of weed or in other words thinking about using drugs. These cravings to use heroin are very intense when you first stop using heroin but the longer one remains clean the less frequently they will appear. The intense urge or craving heroin is said to only last 7 seconds.

How to stop craving heroin using these drug addiction recovery strategies

I would suggest that if you are thinking about using that you call someone maybe this could be an NA member. It fells good to unload these thoughts plus believe it or not you are actually helping them because this is what we do help other addicts to stay clean. If you have a sponsor give them a call if you do not have one then I would suggest getting one. This is one way I know of how to stop craving heroin.

Another thing that I have found helpful is to say the serenity prayer, while you are doing this it is impossible to think of using. If you do not like this come up with your own mantra. Whatever method you use may only last for a little while and then you will have to repeat it. When I first got clean I was saying it all day long for a while.

It does take some practice but after a while it will be almost be like a light comes on when you think of using heroin. I would also suggest going to a NA meeting and sharing about how you were craving heroin. This is will be good for you a lot of people are afraid to say this because they don’t want others to think they have thoughts of using especially if they have been clean for a while. These people will more than likely relapse because of this secret. So share the people at the meeting will understand they have been in your shoes before.


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