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How to Avoid Suffering through Methadone Detox

There are many people who will have to go through methadone detox. It is a medication that is prescribed to patients who chronically suffer from pain or are addicted to heroin or opiate medications.

Although the use of this drug is regarded as safe, there are some people who become addicted to it.  Addiction to painkillers is very common and methadone is no exception. In fact, health researchers have found that methadone is one of the most addicting opiates and furthermore it stays in ones system longer than most opiates making it harder for the person to come off of.

I became addicted to methadone by using it to come off of heroin. I was on it for over 3 years and it is very hard to stop using methadone. I tried by asking the nurse to reduce my dose every week until I got down to practically nothing and then I would ask to be raised back up. The only way I was able to quit methadone was by going to jail and I had to go methadone cold turkey because that jail would do nothing for me.
Beat methadone with methadone detox

For people who are using this drug to help control pain issues they begin taking this drug as was prescribed by their physician. What happens is after continued use one that they find that it did not work to ease there pain so they take more. If they do this on a regular basis it will lead to a tolerance to methadone. What this means is order to get the desired effect or in other words feel good they will have to take more and more. If they keep this up it can be very dangerous and when they stop they will need a methadone detox .
Because an addiction to this drug can cause severe and life-threatening problems, it is important that an individual seek help immediately.

Getting through methadone withdrawal

Detox from methadone  takes place in a clinic or opiate rehab center. The first few days that the patient is weaned off this drug the detox from methadone is very intense. He or she will most likely suffer from many unpleasant methadone withdrawal symptoms including: shakiness, insomnia, cramping, goose bumps, high blood pressure, pale skin and suicidal tendencies. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff will have to monitor the patient very closely.
In addition to medical treatment, the patient also receives counseling. Counselors can help the patient identify the circumstances that lead to his or her addiction and helps him or her find alternative solutions to his or her problems. Patients usually receive counseling even after their treatment is over because the long-term goal is to help them live a drug-free life.

Drug addiction recovery plan for methadone addiction

Ok then I would suggest that before you leave rehab that you and your therapist devise an after care plan for your methadone addiction. This may include continuing your addiction therapy along with NA meetings. So you need to decide how many meetings you will be attending per week what time and where they meet.
Thos who do not have a drug addiction recovery plan will relapse very soon after leaving methadone rehab.

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