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How to help prevent teen drug abuse

If you are wondering about teen drug abuse I can tell you it is very common in our society today. These teenage drug abusers may not know it but they run the risk of a very serious drug addiction. Most teens learn from there older peers which drugs to use and how to get them; for example, they have learned that their family medicine chest may contain pain killers like vicodin, and many other drugs of abuse.

How to help stop teenage drug abuse

So the question remains how we can stop teens from abusing drugs. One way is to educate them about the dangers of experimenting with drugs. Another option may be to introduce them to new hobbies of some sort one where they can get together with other teens who share the same interest.

There are many drug rehabs that can help your teenage son or daughter that is suffering from substance abuse addiction to turn their life around and overcome addiction, but only if you are willing to put in the necessary effort to change your life on a massive scale.

You see, drug rehab is nothing but a starting point.  It is not an answer to addiction and it is not a cure.  It does not insure long term success and it does not actually teach you how to live a clean and sober life.

How to help drug addicted children

When it comes to drug addicted children sometimes the only way to learn how to live a clean and sober life is to actually do it for yourself and learn as you go along.  Other people can help you and make suggestions and tell you what worked for them, but ultimately that information is only going to be a part of what keeps you clean and sober.  A big chunk of your path in sobriety has to be the path that you find with your own two feet.  It has to be part of your own experience and your own way of working through recovery.

Recovery is a very personal thing.  A drug rehab attempts to make it into an objective series of events, a process that you can go through and get predictable results.  At our present level of substance abuse treatment, the results are generally pretty lousy and the most likely outcome is relapse.  It is rare for someone to leave a drug rehab and stay clean and sober for the next 5 years continuous.  In fact, it is pretty rare for someone to even make it to the one year mark.  Such an achievement is remarkable.

Why do so many people fail to stay clean and sober?  The bottom line is that this is a hard thing to do.  True recovery comes from a monumental level of change at the individual level.  Essentially the addict has to change everything about themselves, including who they really are.  They need a full personality shift and a complete change in priorities.  What is important to them in their life must change completely.  These are not minor requirements.  These are big, massive, life altering changes.

How can someone achieve this level of change that is necessary?  Only by taking massive action.  That is the only way that they can hope to achieve the changes necessary to stay clean and sober.  What actions they take are not so important, so long as they are positive and recovery oriented.  The rest is all up to their level of enthusiasm and momentum.

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