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How to stop missusing drugs and beat drug abuse

Basically, drug abuse is the misuse and addiction to drugs away from their intended use or prescriptions. Research has linked some factors as the causes of drug abuse and addiction.

Biological factors may cut across; medical conditions, body's biochemical reactions, family history and body's withdrawal towards drug craving. Psychological factors features; poor stress control, social rebelliousness, curiosity, poor control, low self esteem among others.

Social factors may equally lead to a high degree of teen substance abuse and addiction. Peer pressure which is initiated by a peer group stands out among the social factors.  Lack of support from the family has also led some individuals to drug abuse and addiction. Existing clash with the family can also be among the social factors affecting the condition.

The overall societal attitude may be the ground for drug abuse. In most instances, drug abuse is linked with criminal liabilities. Moreover, mental and physical damage is largely associated with drug abuse.

 How to make a complete drug addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery is a complex process, requiring readiness of the individual, physical healing, emotional support, and spiritual growth. Before recovery can even begin, the individual must be truly ready and willing for recovery to take place.

I am a firm believer that alcohol is a drug and should be treated as such in other words with great care to the amount that a person consumes. I know that there are those who would disagree with this but the American Medical Association says that alcohol is a drug. With that being said lets move forward a bit…

How to overcome drug abuse

It has been said that in order to help a drug addict or alcoholic they need to “hit rock bottom” before he or she is ready for true and lasting change. This place of “rock bottom” can be many things to many people: perhaps the loss of a job, a marriage breakup, a serious accident, or even worse. I am not entirely sure that an addicted person needs to hit rock bottom but I am sure that it helps.

Whatever the source of the longing for recovery, there must be complete commitment to the work which is required for the healing. Emotional support from someone who has “been there and done that” is of key importance.

Many times, family and close friends are not able to be the type of support needed by the recovering individual. Patterns of codependency have been established over the years, and they will need emotional support of their own so that they can also heal along with the alcoholic.

Narcotics anonymous and Alcoholics anonymous has been a successful program for many years. The twelve-step process has been proven over and over to be of significant help in recovery. The first step is a true awakening for many people, wherein they finally admit that they have a problem which they are powerless to solve on their own. The spiritual component of AA is also greatly significant in recovery.

If you have tried the 12 step program in the past and it did not work for you then you may want to try again and start by looking for a drug rehab to help you stop drinking and using drugs this will help you to find recovery.

These drug and alcohol programs help people to quit using in mass numbers you can be one of these fortunate people if you take action now.


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